Have you ever watched others achieve their goals with ease and wondered how they do it?

There are many things that a person should acknowledge and on which things s/he should focus. It’s getting more and more challenging for people to decide where to explore and where to turn their skills into assets.

Like we need the right tools to build a house, according to the right tools, we need to obtain the skills to achieve our goal.

Well!! No more frustrations, no more need to spend a lot of time dealing with rudimentary issues caused by a lack of knowledge or a lack of skills because the Army IBA Production & Operations Management Club has come up with a program named “Practice to Perfect” to develop and help to learn to become the best, to achieve the goal that everyone dreams of.

7 Days, 7 Sessions!!

04.02.22- Leadership & Management Skill

05.02.22- Effective Communication

06.02.22- Copywriting

07.02.22- Content Writing

08.02.22- Graphic design and Visualizations

09.02.22- Video Editing

10.02.22- Web Development