Off The Record Show

“Life is not a bed of roses”. Behind every successful person, there is a path full of failed attempts, unconditional efforts, and investment of endless time.

Throughout our lives, we have encountered various types of learning, which have resulted from various types of experiences, and these experiences have resulted from numerous mistakes. While making the mistake of changing ourselves from head to toe, we encounter situations that we were never tempted to see. Because we all know that even the most ordinary of lives contain unusual stories.

So Army IBA Productions and Operations Management Club organized “Off the Record Show” giving us the privilege to hear from the young, renowned prodigies of our country about how they managed to stay on track and achieve their goals.

Five incredible guests, five full days of learning.

1- Designing a career.

2- Living Out Loud.

3- The Walking Dead.

4- Payback of life.

5- Making Memories.